"We humans have been telling stories for centuries. It's how we connect, understand, empathize, and hold space for all that is different from us. 

I deeply believe that well-told stories can bridge cultures and affect incredible change. They can also inspire us to be bold and try something we might never have before. While an image has transformative power, a powerful experience can change a life forever and we never know how far those ripples might go."

My Story

The natural world has always captivated me, thrilled and inspired a deep passion and wonder I find nowhere else. I know the healing power of nature and have found myself at the devastating end of watching those natural places that are so important to me become depleted of the life-giving energy, diversity, richness, and resilience they once held. I know I'm not the only one. I also know there are thousands of incredible people out there working on regeneration, sustainability, and conservation and many more who also share stories of deep connection to our natural places. These are their stories just as much as, if not more so than, mine and I am devoted to sharing their brilliance, knowledge, and insights with authenticity and reverence to the incredible work they do to create a more reciprocal, sustainable relationship with our natural world...a world not at all separate from us.

At university, I began studying Marine Biology but soon found myself drawn to the study of the human condition, cultural diversities, and traditional knowledge that spoke to a deeper connection with nature. So I completed a degree in Anthropology. Convinced nature-based, transformative immersions were one of the best ways to help facilitate reconnection to both nature and each other and deeply aware of the economic importance of tourism for many destinations, including my childhood home; I followed up with a Master's in Sustainable Tourism. It was fascinating, hopeful, eye-opening, and armed me with a diversity of tools to help support truly sustainable development. But throughout it all, buried deep within, pulsed the yearning of a creative. An artist all my life, my love for documentary photography and film had naturally evolved over the years as on the side, I found myself assisting incredible photographers, learning through invaluable experience, taking myriad courses in photography and film, and falling in love with the age-old art of storytelling. My photos have been published in local travel magazines and shown in several galleries. I also taught photography courses and assisted in gallery showings. Finally realizing the call, I decided to take my skills up a few notches and enrolled in the Conservation Visual Storytellers Academy.

I am a Conservation Photographer passionate about exploring stories of human and nature connection, new ideas around sustainability, community-driven restoration initiatives, and human ingenuity. I believe that while systemic change is vital in many ways, often the longest lasting and most impactful solutions are born of individuals and community efforts as we tackle global issues with a local mindset. I also work with small and medium-sized businesses and organizations on sustainable tourism strategies and authentic storytelling.

Have a story to tell? Want to brainstorm sustainability strategies?

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